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Complete all the required forms below for your first appointment. We ask that you bring these forms with you. Should you have any questions regarding the consent forms, you'll have an opportunity to discuss these with your Midwife. 


It is important that all the information you provide below is true and accurate. Midwives have a scope of practice in which there is criteria clients need to meet. This questionnaire is to determine if having a midwife is suitable for your pregnancy.  


Providing false information to become a client is unacceptable and will result in the automatic ineligibility to become a client. 

History Questionnaire

Required Hospital Forms

Please complete these forms to the best of your ability. There will be an opportunity at your first appointment to discuss and review hospital consent forms. 

TPA consent form

Anaesthesia Questionnaire

Obstetrical Consent to Treatment

Consent for Transfusion